We promote a fair tax and benefits system

Our current system of taxation is unfair:

Our current benefit system is unfair and a mess:

  • It is far too complex - note all the computer system failures.
  • It is far too expensive to administer - note the ATOS scandal and the massive bureaucracy.
  • It is demeaning and nosy - "a snoopers' charter" - people sticking their noses into other people's business
  • It is a disincentive to work because benefit recipients lose up to 95% as soon as they start work.
  • It has a high level of fraud - though the amount of benefit unclaimed is greater than the amount taken by fraud.,

On tax we campaign to:


On benefits we campaign to:

  • Introduce a Citizen's Income to replace the entire benefits system.
  • Introduce a flat rate of income tax.
  • Do all this without increasing the total cost of benefits.

We also campaign to:

We are happy to consider additions to this list.


One fifth of the world's tax havens are controlled by the UK.
All properties whose ownership is registered in UK-controlled tax havens will be taken into public ownership unless, within six months,
the ownership is registered by UK-based tax paying individuals or UK-based tax paying companies.

Is the tax and benefit system too big to tackle?

We often hear this about the tax and benefit system:

It's boring

Yes it is - but tax generates the revenue for all the things we need in society. We want it to be fair, simply to understand and impossible to avoid.

High earners and the wealthy do not consider it boring - that's why they use tax advisors to avoid as much tax as possible.

The more money people earn, the more effort they put into hanging on to it and avoiding their social responsibilities - some people are never satisfied. "Greed is good" remains the motto of the rich.

The benefits system is a shambolic mess. The tax-dodging Daily Mail tells us that benefit fraud is huge when in fact the amount of tax avoidance by individuals and companies is vastly more than any amount of benefit fraud. The owner of the Daily Mail, Lord Rothermere, is himself a major tax avoider.

The media also fails to tell us that the amount of benefits not claimed is greater than the amount of benefit fraud. The government (taxpayer) benefits from people not claiming their benefit rights - particularly pension credit.

It's too complicated

Yes it is, it's a mess - that's why lawyers rub their hand with glee and why tax is so relatively easy to avoid.

It has grown like Topsy over the last couple of centuries and it has been tweaked and fiddled with by every government we have had.

  In most cases it has been fiddled in the interests of the wealthy because, until the start of the 20th century, they were the only ones who had the vote and they used parliament in their own self interest.

Just because it is complicated now does not mean it has to be complicated in the future. The aim of any tax campaign is to produce a system that is totally transparent, that we can all understand and which cannot be fiddled or avoided.

There are too many vested interests against reform

Yes there are - they are very powerful, they own most of the media and many politicians are in child-like awe of them - just as people through the ages have always been in awe of power.

The simple fact is that there are more of us than there are of them.

We have to galvanise our numbers in the interests of a fair and simple tax system - one that will be fair for everyone, not just the rich.

Politicians are cowards - they are afraid of change

To be fair, some politicians do accept the need for change and do support LVT and/or Citizen's Income.

The "Do Nothing Option"

There is always the option of doing nothing.

Doing nothing means that we have no right to complain as the wealth and income gaps get wider and wider.

Contact us if you can think of another reason why we should not reform the tax system.


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